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Is Dante Fowler Jr. worth salvation? | #DallasCowboys

One of the Cowboys’ additions during free agency was the signing of Dante Fowler Jr., a

former third overall pick whose career never panned out as expected because of injuries and the down spiral that the Jacksonville Jaguars faced after reaching the AFC Championship Game back in 2017.

Fowler Jr. has had his share of hits and misses during given seasons. He was an incredibly

valuable player for the Los Angeles Rams, when he contributed with a rotational presence in their 2018 Super Bowl season before exploding to a career-high 11.5 sacks and 2 forced

fumbles in 2019.

It is true, though, that Fowler might’ve been a product of situations he was in instead of just

being a superstar in his own. For the Jaguars, his best year came when the franchise went

on a signing spree in free agency and beefed up the defensive line; with the Rams, it’s a

classic case of players with huge numbers by playing next to Aaron Donald. When Fowler

moved to the Atlanta Falcons, where he was supposed to be the team’s leading pass rusher, his production dipped massively.

Now with the Dallas Cowboys, Fowler looks primed to be in the best possible place to revive his career. With stars like Demarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons playing next to him and taking most of the pass rush burden, his role will again be of a rotational player, but one with enough talent to create big plays in limited opportunities. With less pressure on his

shoulders, we should see Fowler thrive in the 2022 season.