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Is Jonathan Gannon on the hot seat?

Just as the Eagles' offense had a clear and evident evolution in the second half of 2021, the defense presented much better numbers after a poor start. But the reasons to get excited were very different: With a bend-but-don't-break defensive, the Eagles didn't give up a lot of big plays, but they did give a lot of easy completions to good quarterbacks.

Guys like Mahomes, Brady, and Prescott all had field days against a defense that failed to create pressure and allowed a huge completion percentage to all of them. The Eagles' defense looked like it was made of paper sometimes.

The defense 'improved' in the second half because the level of quarterbacks faced dropped a lot - in the wild card, against a motivated Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we saw what happened.

Jonathan Gannon won't have the luxury of making more excuses in 2022. There is talent in every sector of defense and depth in the vast majority of positions. It doesn't tend to be an elite unit, but being top 10 is the minimum and anything less cannot be accepted. The defensive coordinator likes to say that he doesn't want his defense to have a standard scheme, but to be able to play in multiple ways.

Well, he better know what he's doing in 2022, because his job is on the line. The talent is there, just like the pressure on him, and if he doesn't deliver for the second straight year, Nick Sirianni won't give him a third chance.