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Is Mike McCarthy in danger of being fired? | #DallasCowboys

Jerry Jones usually meets the media during the minicamp portion of the offseason, and he did it again on Friday, talking about a lot of stuff regarding the general state of the Dallas Cowboys. One of the most prominent talks after the season ended was whether the Cowboys would be interested in hiring Sean Payton in place of Mike McCarthy, who's entering his second season as the Cowboys' head coach.

Jerry was asked about whether it was a real possibility for the team to hire Payton in 2023, and the owner/general manager made sure to give his actual head coach a vote of confidence:

“Sean Payton shouldn’t be ‘out there. That’s an injustice for him, the Cowboys, all of us. It’s well known we’re good friends, it’s well known that we think a lot of him as a coach, know him well, and all of those kinds of things. But in this case, he shouldn’t be a conversation piece. Mike has got an opportunity here to win a Super Bowl. And he’s got an opportunity to win other Super Bowls. That’s really the measurement of it.”, said the owner.

It's well known, though, that McCarthy lied to Jerry about how much he was into analytics in 2021, so confidence is something hard to get back. If the Cowboys fail to win a playoff game again and with a coach of Payton's caliber available in the market, it's difficult to see how Jones would not be enticed to make the splash hire and change head coaches once again. It's the biggest Dallas Cowboys of the moves.

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