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Is Mike McCarthy on the Hot Seat? | #DallasCowboys

When your boss uses the words "extremely disappointed," it's a sign that things aren't going well. Jerry Jones used these exact terms to refer to the Dallas Cowboys after their loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs. Of course, he didn't point the finger at anyone, but the first potato he bakes is always the coach's, in this case, Mike McCarthy. Even more so when the coach decides to call a disgraceful play such as a quarterback run and the clock goes off, preventing a tie attempt, as he did.

Everyone who works in a company has already met a manager, with a certain reputation for coming from a competitor, who is there, but who rarely gives a solution. "He's that guy who plays the ball to the side, rolls around and just talks the obvious". At first, no one bothers much, they believe it's setting and soon their best will appear. But as time goes by, people notice that it's just that: this is Mike McCarthy in his 2 years of Dallas Cowboys. As much as the results are relatively good, there is little of your finger there.

Dallas' offense is all schemed by coordinator Kellen Moore, who was already in the role before the coach arrived. Despite enjoying the job, Moore sometimes gets stuck in some re-runs, not being able to find alternatives, especially in the second half of the season. This was evident in the loss to the 49ers. At this point, the captain of the boat is expected to take the helm, call the coordinator and say, “ok, from now on, this is the plan”. All you can see is McCarthy staring at the big AT&T Stadium screen, as if he wasn't there - in addition, he approved the tragic plan of the last campaign already mentioned.

On defense, Dan Quinn dictates the rules. He arrived in 2021 with full autonomy, replacing Mike Nolan, who had arrived with McCarthy in 2020. Quinn transformed the unit from water to wine, going from 28th to 7th with the least points. He was even considered to become a head coach, but McCarthy survived another year.

McCarthy's potato isn't baking: it's already being served and cut. If he doesn't take Dallas to at least the NFC Championship Game, he'll need to update his resume