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It’s time for Daniel Jones to step up! | #TogetherBlue

There’s no excuse for another poor season from Daniel Jones in 2022. It’s as simple as

that. The quarterback is entering the final year of his rookie contract and until this point he

had done absolutely nothing to justify his early pick.

Brian Daboll talked about his quarterback turning it loose in last week. The truth is that Jones has to improve in every single area of his game and he doesn’t deserve the benefit of a doubt after three incredible disappointing years as a starter, with a tendency of committing dumb turnovers and putting his team under difficult situations.

The fans had enough. While in New York everything gets exacerbated by the media, it’s true

that he has done nothing to help his own cause. He shows absolutely no signs of development since he was drafted: he still uses his mobility well as a weapon, but as a

passer he stinks in basically all areas: accuracy, pocket presence, footwork and everything


It’s one final shot for the quarterback to show what he’s worth. If he fails again, there will be

more than enough opportunities for the team to pick a new leader - and you can be sure that the New York media will be hard on the notion that a new passer is needed.

It’s do or die for Jones. A playoff appearance in 2022 is a must to save his NFL career. No

other team will give him so many opportunities as the Giants. It’s up to him.