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Who is better - Jimmy Garoppolo or Ryan Tannehill?

How do we measure success in the NFL? Ultimately, most of us will probably answer Super Bowl rings. Winning games and leading your team to the playoffs, even if you never win a Super Bowl ring, should count for something. And it does. However, in order to be the better player, you have to go through the hardship of winning the title.

In order to get some perspective, Jimmy Garoppolo is currently the only active quarterback with multiple Super Bowl Rings. That alone speaks volume. This year he has led San Francisco 49ers to multiple NFC Championships games and he led them to the Super Bowl. Tannehill, on the other hand, has never gotten further than a AFC championship game. Can Tannehill catch up to Garoppolo's level of success? Yes, he can. Will he? Probably not - and here’s why.

Jimmy G will most likely be moving on to a winning team next, such as the Vikings, Buccaneers, or even the Broncos. Garoppolo will no doubt find success with any of these teams. As currently constructed, the Broncos are only one managing quarterback away from being a really great team.

With the Vikings it’s harder to tell exactly where their issue is; is it coaching or are they in need of a new quarterback? They clearly have talent with players like Dalvin Cook and Justin “JJ” Jefferson, but for whatever reason it hasn’t clicked yet.

Not to mention the Buccaneers, who are loaded with talent, but we will have to wait and see how Godwin looks after coming back from his ACL tear.

In the end, with all of this in mind, we believe Jimmy G will have a more successful NFL career. And he is on track to cement himself as the better player since it ultimately does come down to Super Bowl rings. What do you think? Who will have the most successful career? Leave a comment below.

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