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Jordan Davis shows he's a very good teammate | #FlyEaglesFly

As the Eagles started their training camp for the season, Jordan Davis was one of the most sought players to watch. After all, Philadelphia traded up in the first round to pick him, and with his size and athleticism, it's basically impossible not to notice him.

However, as Davis is having a great training camp and some are already wondering how much can he play in 2022 over premium starters Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave, the rookie also became famous on social media because of a viral clip of him in a one-vs-one rep against fellow rookie Cam Jurgens.

But as for the clip going viral? Davis told reporters during a press conference that he won't like it. "I hate it", said the defensive tackle to reporters before adding that it was only one rep and that Jurgens has also won his fair share of battles.

That's the exact kind of teammate you want in your team, and when you do get a rookie with this mentality, things can only point to the sky. It was a fantastic rep for Davis, but clearly, he doesn't want to let people disrespect his teammate, especially one that's a rookie and was facing a mountain during practice. As for the news that comes from the Eagles' camp, Jurgens did win his share of battles against Davis.

The Eagles traded up to get a monster, and the early signs are that they got an incredible player off the field as well. Davis might have to wait for Cox and Hargrave to leave the field, but he surely is taking the right steps to begin his NFL career.