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Justin Jefferson's Hall of Fame Pace #SKOL

It's no debate about who the best young WR out of the loaded 2020 NFL Draft class is. Justin Jefferson is already arguably the best receiver in the sport, and just got a new offensive minded HC to aid in his development. So, just how historic have these two years been, and what could we expect from Jefferson in the future?

Career Stats and Accolades Pace:

As I said before, it is no secret how good Jefferson has been since entering the league. Jefferson is the only WR since he entered the league with 3,000 yards, and he did it on less than 200 catches. Through two years the "average" season for Jefferson is 98/1508/9. Assuming he can keep that pace for 8 more seasons, he would be at 980 catches, 15,080 yards, and 90 TDs. Putting him 16th all time in catches, 7th all time in yards, and 14th all time in TDs. At the ripe age of 31. Also being that he is 2 for 2 on all pro nods, over the next 8 years that means he's on pace for 8 more, and 10 overall all-pro teams. Quite a career that would be. Not to mention the super bowl ring he will undoubtably have after this season.

If that wasn't enough to make you think we may just be seeing another all-time great pass catcher, just wait until you see what is in store for him this year. He managed a 1600 yard season with a grumpy old coach that hated offense running the show. Now, with a young offensive mind in the fold, I expect it to be nothing but up from here for the young Griddying phenom.