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Kirk Cousins is the Most Disrespected QB in the NFL

I have been waiting to write this one for awhile now, because I know there's a large portion of people who will call me crazy for thinking Cousins is good. Even a large part of the Vikings' fanbase thinks he's bad, which is absolutely insane. So if by the end of this article you, the reader, still think Kirk sucks, well that's a you problem.

To start, look at how productive his WRs are year after year. He has produced seven different 1,000 yard seasons, with five different targets. Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, Pierre Garcon, and Desean Jackson have all reached the thousand yard mark with Cousins as their QB. A bad QB wouldn't be able to propel that many different targets into pro bowl caliber. That takes an insane level of consistency over a long period of time. Cousins has been a starter for seven seasons, and has produced seven thousand yard receivers. The definition of consistency.

Moving on to a tweet from Warren Sharp that got my attention. Over the last two seasons there have been 61 QBs to play snaps in the NFL. Only ONE ranks top 10 in yards per attempt, EPA per attempt, and accuracy. The biggest one of note there is YPA. Cousins gets miscast as a check down savant, when in reality he lets it rip down the field a lot. Each and every week Kirk gives you a chance to win. As a Viking fan, I know every week what I'll get out of my QB. A consistently very accurate passer. One that can make all the throws required to win at a high level.

One of Kirk's biggest knocks is he fades in the fourth quarter. His teams are .500 every year, so it must be that Cousins can't close out games, right? Well, since 2019 Kirk Cousins ranks THIRD in EPA/attempt when trailing in the 2nd half. If anything, he's one of the best closers in football. Only Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson rank ahead of him in this stat, both guys who are known winners. Cousins routinely plays winning football and gives his team a chance to win in the end, so why are his teams always so average?

The final thing I will discuss is the consistent underachieving of Kirk Cousins' rosters. Starting in Washington, where in three seasons he never lead worse than the 16th ranked O in ppg, and led one ranked as high as tenth. However, the best defense he was ever given there came in at 17th in the league in ppg allowed, and was as low as 27th. It's hard to win when your defense can't stop a nosebleed. So then he came to Minnesota where he was given back to back top 10 defenses in 2018 and 2019. That lead to a record between those two seasons of 18-13-1, including going into New Orleans and beating Drew Brees' Saints in the playoffs. The Vikings' defenses plummeted to 29th and 24th in the league in ppg allowed the last two seasons, and even still Cousins lead them to playoff contention and a near .500 record in each season.

In conclusion, Kirk Cousins is a winner. He just isn't a one man team, which in football no one can be. Even the QB considered to be the GOAT, Tom Brady, needed decades of elite defenses to win. Expecting Kirk Cousins to be superman and win regardless of the team around him is what has made him so hated amongst casual fans. It takes a special, Patrick Mahomes, type of player to be a constant winner with poor defenses. No one is comparing Kirk to Mahomes, but what I am saying is Cousins is a very good QB, capable of winning a Lombardi. Will he ever do it? Odds are he will not, but to think he is a poor QB because he won't is foolish. Over the last 7 seasons he has proven time and time again he is a top 10 ball thrower in the sport, and in 2022 he will do more of the same.

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