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Kyler Murray is overpaid and it's time everyone knew

Before training camp, Kyler Murray signed a contract extension that will see him earn $230M over the next five years with an average of $46,1M per season. It ended months of drama between the quarterback, who acted in an immature way, and the team, who stayed patient until Murray stopped acting like a child and negotiated an extension.

It’s easy to see why Arizona wanted to tie Murray early in his career. With the salary cap numbers blossoming every year and with quarterback’s asking price getting higher, the sooner the Cardinals gave him an extension, the better. It’s a smart decision on their part, and it’s also what Murray wanted in the first place.

But does Kyler Murray really deserves all the money he’s getting from Arizona?

The Cardinals tied their quarterback to a long-term extension and it’s easy to see why. They don’t want the drama to spread over another offseason and, with the reigning champions in their division, plus the San Francisco 49ers reloading to fight for the West, they need Murray at his best, and they don’t want to risk him out for OTAs, minicamps or anything like that – or, in a worst-case scenario, to let the drama get so big that he moves to another team.

But they paid him a boatload of money only because of his potential and not because of his actual play. Really, you can name at least 12-14 quarterbacks who are better than Kyler Murray currently.

Which begs the question, one that’s really honest.

Does Murray really deserve all the money he’s getting in this contract extension?

It’s nothing against him, obviously, we’re just looking at it from a salary-cap standpoint. He’s going to earn a little bit more than Deshaun Watson, which is a much better quarterback than him (not a better person, though) only because he wanted to be the second-best paid quarterback in the league.

Murray is not a top 10 quarterback in the league and, while you can understand the reasons, the Cardinals overpaid him.