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Kyler Murray to Cleveland

With the recent events that have taken place in Cleveland, Baker Mayfield trade/Watson not playing in 2022. The Browns seem to be taking on water.

Jacoby Brissett is set to be the starter in Cleveland, but he is clearly just a spot filler. With Brissett as the starter I only see the Browns winning 4 to 5 games this season. Issue with that is, they are built to win now! They picked up Amari Cooper in the offseason, have a two headed monster in the backfield, and have a pretty soild defense.

So with all the power, why throw away 2022?

Jimmy G has been linked to the Browns after the breaking news, but to me that doesn't make any sense. Jimmy G is not a place holder quarterback. He is a winner. When he is 100% all he does in lead teams to the championship. Browns do not what that going into 2023 or does Jimmy G I think.

So that brings us to the title of today's blog. Clealry the Cardinals are not sold on the future with Kyler. Whey because he is entering his 5th year with no long term contact in place. Also Kyler just isn't a post season winner. I think after the 2022 season if the Cardinals do not go deep into the playoffs there will be changes, starting at the top. Mister Cliff I can win past December Kingsbury.

Cliff has to know this, so why not make a big splash? Get Kyler out of town and bring in a proven winner in Jimmy G. Clearly the 49ers do not want Jimmy, Cardinals need a winning quarterback, and Browns need a soild place holder quarterback. Its a win for everyone, but Kyler.

Truth of the matter, Kyler is the new Baker Mayfield. No one really wants him, but a team or two could really use him. Browns are a team that could use him, abuse him, and let him go. They also might get a playoff win or two for him, if not the biggest surprise in the AFC.

Kyler to the Browns makes sense for the Browns, Cardinals, and the 49ers. Three teams win by moving one player.