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Leonard Williams Needs to Produce More Impact | #TogetherBlue

The New York Giants did a nice job with their roster-building during the offseason to clean up the mess left behind by former general manager Dave Gettleman, but the team couldn't do anything they wanted because their cap space was short because of bad contracts and players that weren't playing up to their salary. Perhaps no player embodies the second group better than Leonard Williams.

Williams was talked about as a possible trade candidate during the offseason because of his hefty salary compared to his production, but new general manager Joe Schoen decided that it wasn't time to let him go. But he remains on a big payday, and there's no denying that he desperately needs to improve to give the Giants a fighting chance in the NFC East - otherwise, his days in New York might be gone.

According to Spotrac, Williams will make $19 million this season with a team-high $27.3 million cap hit. That number is scheduled to be $26.3 million next season, including $18 million in non-guaranteed salary - in other words, you can free up to $18 million in cap space in case you decide to release him. These are the perfect conditions for a team to make a decision on an overpaid player.

Williams needs to show improvement in 2022, especially as a pass rusher - nobody doubts him when we're talking about run defense. He got the bag from Dave Gettleman after his best season in the league with 11.5 sacks. He needs to get back to these levels.

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