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Los Angeles Rams Schedule Breakdown | #RamsHouse

Rams are coming off a huge Super Bowl win. Stafford finally got that monkey off his back along with the rest of the Rams coaching staff. You can say they stacked a team all you want, but in the end, the had to beat 52 other guys. However, 2022 is a brand new season so lets see how they finish, below I will break down the first six weeks of the season.

Week 1 - Rams vs Bills

Week one they open up the NFL Season at home vs Buffalo Bills This might be hands down be the best opening game ever! Bills are a young hot team with super bowl thoughts and the Rams are the "old" vet team looking to flex on the NFL again. This game will come down to who is more awe stuck in the end. Yes its a home game for LA, but there will be alot going on. Von Miller is coming back to LA as well. This game will be a defense slug fight. But give me the Rams in a 17-10 score. Josh Allen throws a TD pass to tie the score up at 10 with 22 sec left. Matt Stafford drives down the field for a game winning touchdown...too soon Bill fans?

Week 2 - Rams vs Falcons

Fresh off a huge opening weekend win, Rams welcome a 10 day break then welcome Falcons to town. ATL might be the biggest unknown team in the NFL, will they start a rookie qb or start a 4 year back up? Either way, they suck. Can't put it anymore nicely. Rams win big. 35-9. Only thing that might trip them up is a 10 day break and then traveling to AZ next weekend. Either way give me 2-0!

Week 3 - Rams @ Cardinals

After a great 2-0 start, the season finally starts. Rams travel to Arizona to take on a 'good' Cardinals team. Just kidding the Cards might be the most overrated team in all of NFL this season. They can talk Super Bowl all they want, but lets be honest. It comes through LA! This is the game that the lost of Chandler Jones really hurts the Cards. I look for Cam Akers to run all over the defense. Then sprinkle in some Henderson. Good god look out. Then once they get tired of running the ball down the throats of D, Allen Robinson II makes his presents felt. First two games is a learn curve for him, but game 3 its a coming out party. This game is a 100% beat down, like turn the game off at halftime type of beat down. 55-10 is the final moving the Rams to 3-0 on the season.

Week 4 - Rams @ 49ers

With a 3-0 and start and things clicking, there's no stopping #RamsHouse right? If you said right, you are correct. Week four Rams travel to Levi Stadium to take on the 49ers. This a #MNF match up. On paper it looks good right. Deebo, Jimmy G, Bosa, a great 49ers D. But let me ask you this question; Do you win games on paper? Answer is no. Truth be told right now, the 49ers are still trying to find their footing with the new OC. As the 49ers defense does keep the game close and the crowd will be rocking. Cooper Kupp finally has his coming out party. With the success of Robinson II in week 3, the 49ers will look to keep a safety over the top to help out. They also feel that their front 7 will shut down the running game, not wrong. Stafford and Kupp hook up for 3 TD's in a win. Final score of 28-17 moving the Rams to 4-0 on the season.

Week 5 - Rams vs Cowboys

Week 5 might be the hardest test yet! Yes, yes, yes, I know what I said about week 1, but we are prisoner of the moment (welcome to manhour....) But the Dallas Cowboys might be one of the most complete teams in the NFL at this point. Key word here, at this point. However, Diggs gets exposed in this game. Yes he is a ball hawk, gets those INT's, but gets burned a lot! I do not know who he will be up against in this game, but whoever it is, the Rams will be running double moves routes on him damn near every play. Diggs will get lucky on a play or two, but don't get down Ram fans, Stafford will not melt down like he has in years past. Defense seals the game for the Rams with a late game sack on Dak. Giving the Rams a 24-21 win. Moving them to 5-0 on the season.

Week 6 - Rams vs Panthers

This week 6 game I feel could be a huge trap game. Starting off 5-0 with some tough games, bye week next week, along with 3 tough games following. With that all that being said this is a game that the Rams are fully locked in. Things are clicking! And lets be fully honest CMC will most likely not be playing this game, surprise surprise . This is a game where the coaching staff wants to try something new. Lots of running again. Cam will get 20 touches and Henderson will get 10 as well. 30 to 35 total rushes in this game. Defense pitches a shutout. Rams rush for about 230 yards, 200 yards passing, however all those yards don't translate to the scoreboard. Give me the Rams in the game moving them to 6-0 on the season with a score of 22-3.

That takes us into the bye week way to early, but hey we don't make the schedule right. Having a bye week this early might hurt the Rams long term, as in a Super Bowl run. But only time will tell. In Part 2 of the schedule breakdown, LA first lost of the season is coming sadly. But right now, they hot and number 1 in the power rankings! I'll post the link to part 2 and part 3 here once they are publish!

Here's to a great season #RamsHouse