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Managing Expectations: Realism for Chicago Bears Fans

As the NFL training camp kicks off, excitement is palpable among Chicago Bears fans. The team's revamped defense and promising offensive additions fuel optimism for the upcoming season. However, amidst this enthusiasm, it's crucial for Bears fans to remain realistic about their young quarterback, Justin Fields. The recent surge in expectations, with some even touting him as the next NFL MVP, calls for a cautious approach. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons for tempered expectations and the importance of letting Fields develop at his own pace.

Revamped Defense and Offensive Potential:

There are genuine reasons for Bears fans to be excited about the upcoming season. The team's defense has undergone significant changes, bolstered by the addition of Yannick Ngakoue, providing a much-needed pass-rush element. On the offensive end, wide receiver D.J. Moore is entering his prime, offering promise as a true No.1 wide receiver and potentially easing the load on young quarterback Justin Fields.

Curb Unrealistic Expectations:

While optimism is natural, some Bears fans have gone overboard with their expectations, heralding Fields as the next NFL MVP. It's essential to recall that a similar fervor was witnessed around Mitchell Trubisky after the 2018 season, only to be dashed by a disappointing 2019 opener. This is not to say Fields will suffer a similar fate, but it serves as a reminder to temper expectations and avoid unrealistic hype.

The Journey to Consistency:

Justin Fields has undoubtedly displayed flashes of brilliance, with electrifying 60-yard runs and exciting plays. However, his passing game still requires consistency and improvement. Training camp reports suggest that Fields is still working on getting the ball out on time and facing some struggles. It's vital for fans to recognize that Fields must first demonstrate consistency as a passing quarterback before being considered an MVP candidate.

A More Reasonable Approach:

Instead of expecting an MVP-caliber season from Fields, it's more realistic to focus on his development as a passer. Bears fans should hope to see Fields reach the 3,000 passing-yard mark for the season and exhibit improvement in his mechanics. It's essential to acknowledge that he's a young player with potential, but he needs time to grow into his role.


As the Chicago Bears gear up for the upcoming NFL season, fans are filled with optimism about the team's potential. However, amidst this excitement, it's crucial for Bears fans to remain grounded when it comes to their young quarterback, Justin Fields. While he shows immense promise, expectations of an MVP season may be premature. Instead, let's support Fields' growth, celebrate his electrifying plays, and hope to see him evolve into a consistent passing quarterback. The journey to greatness takes time, and with patience and realistic expectations, Bears fans can watch their quarterback flourish in due course.


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