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Mariota Trade: Good for ATL in 2023

Atlanta seems to play in a division full of hysteria, at least that is how it feels this offseason in the NFL.

The Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons were both heavily tied to DeShaun Watson trades, while neither team acquired him, it still showed the desperation for a QB. The New Orleans Saints paid Jameis Winston $28 million for two years, and $21 million is guaranteed. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced a QB dilemma when Tom Brady retired, but he decided to come back and play after all.

The Falcons lost Calvin Ridley for a season due to gambling, and he was a huge weapon in that offense for the 7-10 team. Cordarrelle Patterson returning is nice for the run game but relying on him too much makes a team one-dimensional, and the workload could hurt the halfback. For an example look at Christian McCaffrey and the Carolina Panthers. Kyle Pitts may be a target for Mariota as the tightend posted a solid rookie season.

But Marcus Mariota is no Matt Ryan. He is much worse, and he will drive the Falcons down in the division severely and maybe tank the entire season.

Taking out the six division games, Atlanta faces the NFC West and AFC North this season. The other three games are against the Washington Commanders, Los Angeles Chargers and Chicago Bears. Six wins in 2022 will be a miracle. All the AFC North and NFC West games seem like easy L’s for Atlanta. The Bears and Commanders maybe two wins. The NFC South, with an even split of 3-3 would make Atlanta 6-11.

Realistically, anywhere between two and four wins for Atlanta should be expected.

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