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Mayfield struggles in loss to Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals defeated the Carolina Panthers 26-16 as Baker Mayfield threw a costly fourth-quarter interception.

Mayfield threw a late-game interception while the score was 13-10 in Arizona’s favor. The turnover gave the Cardinals excellent field position, and allowed the Red Birds to score. With a 20-10 lead this was too much of a lead for the Panthers to endure.

This is the fun post of the week, and it won’t be much fun since Carolina lost again.

This was another game the Panthers pulled within three points only to crumble in the latter stages of the game. It happened with Cleveland and in New York, now against Arizona.

First off, Baker Mayfield played decent, not great but he completed over 50 percent of his passes. The only good thing about his performance. He threw for under 200 yards and two interceptions. One interception came in the first quarter deep in Arizona territory. This wasted a great drive from the Carolina offense. The second one gave the Red Birds an incredible opportunity to score, which Arizona did. Arizona batted down five of Mayfield’s passes in the game. The former No.1 overall pick leads the NFL in 11 passes batted down. His accuracy in these four games show a dip in percentage completed.

He doesn’t seem like the answer for Carolina, and now the Panthers don’t have a choice but to stick with him. In my humble opinion, he cannot get it past the line. To be batted down 11 times, I didn’t think that’d be a problem for Carolina but it is.

This goes back to my previous worries about Carolina relying too much on Christian McCaffrey. With an inefficient passing game, and CMC being effective coming into the contest against Arizona, it made the Panthers more one dimensional than before.

The defense contained James Connor to under 100 rushing yards. But Kyler Murray threw for two touchdowns and rushed for one. One incredible play was the pick six Carolina made in the second quarter. This gave the Panthers an early 7-0 lead. But Arizona overwhelmed the defense.

Christian McCaffrey rushed for 27 yards on eight carries, but he hauled in nine catches for 81 yards. This showed McCaffrey can be used in the offense multiple ways. It was also good to see CMC on the field after he was listed as questionable going into the contest.

Another respectable performance was that of DJ Moore. He saw a team-high 11 targets and caught six of them for 50 yards.

The Panthers face the 49ers at home with kickoff scheduled at 4:05 p.m.

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