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Meet Josh Sweat: The Next NFL Superstar | #FlyEaglesFly

Finding good players in the middle of the draft is obviously more difficult to do than getting them in the first rounds - and when you do get them, it's always nice. The Philadelphia Eagles can take a look at their roster and be proud of some of the decisions made in previous years regarding middle draft picks, more specifically with Josh Sweat.

Sweat's ascension is proof that patience is one of the best things that a team can ever use. He was a fourth-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, but everybody knew that he had the talent to go earlier - he just needed a team that gave him enough time to heal a serious knee injury and develop his full potential. The Eagles, with a stacked defensive line, recognized his potential, and they knew he wouldn't be useful at first, so there was no pressure.

Sweat kept working and now he heaps the rewards. He signed a three-year, $40 million contract extension during the 2021 season and he had the best season of his career right after, even receiving a Pro Bowl invitation in the place of Nick Bosa. He failed to participate in the Eagles' playoff game, though, because of a life-threatening situation, but he was fine days after - which is why he took over from Bosa at the Pro Bowl.

Considering that Derek Barnett was a huge disappointment for the Eagles, getting Sweat in the middle rounds is the greatest thing they could've done to fix the problem. He seems to be a guy that Philadelphia will count on for a long time.

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