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Miami Dolphins 2022 Schedule, Opponents And Instant Analysis - Part 1

It's been a huge off season for the dolphins expectations under first year head coach Mike McDaniel, going to be sky high! But will they live up to the hype? Lets break down 2022 NFL Season for the Dolphins.

Week 1 vs Patriots

Opening weekend at home is always a great things and with the off season that the Dolphins have had, its hard not go get excited if you are fins fan. However, a 2nd year Mac Jones and a Patriots team that hasn't fallen off like we expected them too last season. This game has all the makings of a great opening weekend match up.

I feel this will be a test for both teams right out of the gate. I want to see how much the Dolphins, Tua, Hill, and McDaniels press, meaning will they try to make Tua play out of himself. Only time will tell. Look for the Dolphins to win this game. Patriots never play well against the Dolphins.

Week 2 @ Ravens

This game is staring two of the biggest question marks at quarterback in the NFL; Lamar Jackson and Tua. Lamar is entering a contract year after being hurt most of the 2nd half of 2021. Jackson is so hit or miss as an NFL quarterback, but one thing you can not take away from the kid. He does win a lot of regular season games. Ravens defense is stacked as always and will carry this team again in 2022.

This will be another big test for the new look dolphins. Can they handle the pressure of the Ravens defense. Can their defense step up and stop early season Lamar? Answer to both of those questions are no. Dolphins lose this game.

Week 3 vs Bills

First quarter of the season doesn't get any easier as they welcome the Bills to town week 3. Fresh off an ass kicking in Baltimore, one of the top teams in the NFL if not the best team in the NFL come to town. Loaded up defense, loaded offense, and a great kicker. Only hick up that the Bills might have early on in the 2022 season, is getting used to new OC.

Truthfully it don't matter. Bills mafia says hold my beer and beat down the out of water Dolphins. Not only is the is divisional beat down, is a showing to the whole NFL that the Dolphins are not ready to be talked about as a playoff team.

Week 4 @ Bengals

A running trend for the first quarter of the season is how hard these games are. And this week isn't any different. Going to the Super Bowl Runner Ups from 2021 will be no easy test. The Dolphins will be studying all week long, but their noses are still bloody from the beating they have taken the last few weeks. Bring side of this week, Bengals could be looking past you. Dark side, they can play a C game and still beat the Dolphins.

As it is way to early in the season to be questioning the moves of the Dolphins this offseason, but as fans you will be questioning them after this lost to the Bengals. Hill wont be making his big splashy plays. Tua is missing easy throwns. McDaniels play calling isnt getting the weapons in play. Week 5 can not come soon enough after this game.

Give me a 1-3 start to start the 2022 season. Not looking like a playoff team by no means, not even a top 15 power ranked team either. But don't get to cranky yet Fins Nation. The next four weeks could be better. Jets, Vikings, Steelers, and the Lions are all on deck.

Stay tuned into my blogs as part 2 will be coming out Monday.