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Miles Sanders’ make-or-break season | #FlyEaglesFly

It’s tough to get a full grasp of Miles Sanders' situation with the Philadelphia Eagles. There's no doubt that he's their most talented back, and he has some nice numbers to show over the past three years, but it always seems that things could've been better for both sides. With the running back entering the final years of his contract, this is the most decisive season of his career by far.

Sanders was heavily used during the first weeks of the Nick Sirianni era, but his usage diminished as the Eagles transitioned to a more pass-heavy offense. When Philadelphia decided again that running the ball was the best thing for that team, Sanders sprained his ankle during a game against the Las Vegas Raiders; his return saw the ball more distributed between the other backs, with Kenneth Gainwell and Boston Scott receiving some extra usage.

Sanders is really elusive with the ball in his hands, but has some problematic stuff in his game as well. Drops were a major issue over the last two years, and he has a problem with fumbles as well. He's fast and agile, which allows him to make nice cuts to gain extra yards, but you can be sure that coaches always feel a little bit afraid to rely heavily on him.

This is a vital year for his career. A good performance may net him a nice second contract - even if it's not with the Eagles. Sanders can't allow the same old mistakes to creep in his 2022 season - otherwise, he's just going to be another limited running back.

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