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Minnesota Vikings 2022 Projections: The WRs #SKOL

The Vikings have some pretty good receivers on their roster, so what should you expect out of them? Is Justin Jefferson going to push for two thousand? Will Thielen continue his double digit TD season streak? In reality, I have no idea! However, I have my personal projections, and I'll let you check them out!

The Headliner - Justin Jefferson

In 2022, Justin Jefferson is going to have a huge season. I project him to have 115 catches for 1730 yards and 12 TDs. Last season, he put up 108/1616/10, so my projections aren't much more than what he has already accomplished. Who knows though? Perhaps Jefferson could explode for 2,000 yards. I wouldn't bet on it, but I do think it is possible. This is one of the best receivers in football, and now with an offensive mind at the helm, Jefferson should find himself with more targets. Jefferson is a very savvy route runner, and if Kevin O'Connell can scheme him up easy matchups, this season could be one for the ages.

The Elite Sidekick - Adam Thielen

Adam Thielen is a TD scoring machine, and I don't see that slowing down in 2022. My projected stat line for Thielen is 85/1,075/13. Thielen hasn't hit the 85 catch or 1,000 yard mark in a few years, however he is always on the cusp. One season with 74 catches and over 900 yards, another with 67 catches and over 700 yards. This season I expect Thielen to be helped a bit with more WRs on the field next to him consistently, giving him easier matchups. I expect Thielen to play the slot a majority of the time, and the last offense KOC was part of, the slot WR put up 1900 yards. I don't think Adam Thielen will do that, but the capability of an explosive season is there. Draft him in the mid rounds of your fantasy drafts and thank me later.

The New Kid on the Block - KJ Osborn

KJ Osborn broke out in 2021 with a nearly 700 yard, 7 TD season. It's expected he has an even bigger role in 2022. There has been some talks about the Vikings potentially having three 1,00 yard WRs, but I believe they just miss it. I project Osborn to finish with 63 catches, 840 yards, and 6 TDs. Osborn possesses big play potential and showed it off multiple times last season. He could even surpass my projections in different ways. One way is he just outplays expectations and fully breaks out, the other is an unfortunate circumstance. However, Osborn is setup to have a pretty good season, and looks like a future star in the making.

The Maybes - Imhir Smith-Smarsette, Jalen Nailor, and Olabisi Johnson

I don't have individual projections for these guys. The reason being, I don't know how many of them will play, or how much they will play. Smith-Marsette has the best chance to step up in case of unfortunate happenings and play well. If he finished the season with around 400 yards I wouldn't be surprised. Bisi Johnson is coming off an ACL tear, so I really don't know what he'll be. Nailor is a rookie, so again, chalk him up and an I have no idea. All in all, I don't expect much from this group. If any of them end up helping the Vikings win games this year, it's icing on the cake.

In conclusion, the Vikings have a very strong WR room heading into 2022. Justin Jefferson is one of the leagues best, Adam Thielen is a TD machine and has multiple thousand yard seasons, and KJ Osborn semi-broke out last season and seems primed to take off even more. With a fresh new offensive minded HC in the building, expect these guys to all be productive next season.

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