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MLB Lockout was Dumb BUT it Had to Happen

Major League Baseball team owners argued with the players and the players union over bumping the league minimum from $570,500 during the lockout in a sign of true greed on the owners’ side.

A lot of people argue this is a battle of millionaires versus billionaires, players being selfish, and arguing there is no sympathy for someone who makes that much money.

With this the MLB pushed back Opening Day and the $27 million owners could potentially lose by bumping the league minimum up, they probably lost it by shortening the schedule a week.

Even the lowest payroll teams like the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics generate much more than the team pays the players.

This does not mean minor league players are poverty stricken or living lavish lifestyles. The added money will be beneficial for instances like 2021 where there was no minor league baseball, and those players received no money from teams.

The blame is on the owners who refuse to budge and look after their employees. While these employees, the players making the league minimum, are not an owner’s biggest assets or biggest returns on investment, it should have been a case of appeasement. A situation where the owners say, ‘Okay we don’t want to do this, but to not lose more money or more of a season, sure.’ That way the week that was canceled helps get the money back.

Now, owners probably would increase prices somewhere the fan would end up paying more to allocate for this increase in the league minimum. But with so many revenue strings that MLB teams possess, none of it would be outrageously increased, and it would be ridiculous for owners to do that in this hypothetical situation. To increase a price on one thing so high to compensate, that it decreases the demand for it.

The Major League Baseball Players Union (MLBPA) was simply looking out for the players who do not make the big money and better job security. With the amounts of money every team generates, the owners should have increased minimum salary without a hitch.

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