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Neal or Thibodeuax: which rookie will have the biggest impact in 2022? | #TogetherBlue

The New York Giants had the luxury of two picks into the top 7 of the 2022 NFL Draft and made good use of it, reinforcing both lines with the addition of tackle Evan Neal and EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux; both players are slated to start right away.

Every bit of added talent is important, especially for a team like the Giants, who haven't won a playoff game in 10 seasons now. Neal and Thibodeaux are two players with huge floors of production but with huge upside as well, so it's no surprise to see their fans excited with the picks.

But there's a clear difference about which one of them should be the biggest difference-maker for the team in their rookie seasons. While Thibodeaux walks into a defensive line with great veteran players and other younger guys with potential, Neal will slate into an offensive line that has been a major problem for New York for a long time. He'll form a bookend duo with Andrew Thomas as tackles and his presence will be instantly noted.

Thibodeaux is an elite EDGE rusher with untapped potential who should be unlocked as the season goes on. There's no denial about how great he can be. But Neal is the one whose impact will be felt from day one, especially with quarterback Daniel Jones in such an uncomfortable situation playing in a contract year. The Giants' offense stunk for the majority of the last decade, and if they want to get this right this year with Jones, they'll need a strong offensive line. In general, Neal's pick will be more helpful for the team than Thibodeaux's.

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