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New Look Colts Offense | #ForTheShoe

Another year, another quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Matt Ryan is the 5th new starting quarterback for the Colts in the last five season. Dating back to 2017 the list of starting quarterbacks is as followed: Jacoby Brissett, Andrew luck, Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, and now Matt Ryan.

Ryan spent that last 14 years in the black and red based out of Atlanta. Matt Ryan has had four pro bowl years and has led the Falcons to a super bowl. Yes that super bowl.... Many seam to think the Matt Ryan is over the hill, but after watching mini camp he has something to prove this season. Matt looks hungry and ready to win a lot of games. He seems to have a little hip in his step again. Something I think he has been missing for a while.

Head Coach, Frank Reich has been quoted as saying that Matt Ryan has been unbelievable.

"He had done a great job this camp. He takes command. Great leadership. And has been working to understand everything from A to Z. He has been doing everything right."

37 year old Matt Ryan experience will be the key Colts success this season. It comes down to if he can get on the same page with the young talent in Indy. The last few season I have been really high on the Colts. They have a great o-line, running game is top of the league, and the defense is easily top 10. They Colts have been a quarterback a way the last 3 seasons.

The only thing I question going into the 2022 season, is how much did the loss to the Jaguars last season to bump them out of the playoff hurt the ego of this team? Ego is a powerful tool in the NFL if used right.

The last three months have been huge for the growth of Matt Ryan and this Colts team. The sky is the limit if we can see 2020 Ryan again.

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