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NFL Week 3 Review

Updated: Apr 20

Sundays Stuff

A look at some of the noticeable takes from the NFL games on Sunday

Washington Football Team vs. Cleveland Browns

The story has become clear, the Washington defense keeps the Football Team in games but the offense has to win it for them. Unfortunately, the offense has proven that they can’t win games, Dwayne Haskins is not able to create plays and is not able to run for big plays. It’s hard to say if the Chase Young injury is what hampered the Football Teams defense but the second half was when the Browns offense started to heat up. The Browns are now 2-1 making one wonder if they are a playoff team. It’s a shame that they are in the AFC North where the Ravens are one of the league's best teams and the Steelers are 3-0 as well.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Buffalo Bills

This was a game to determine which team would be the contender and which would be a pretender. This game proved that the Bills are true Super Bowl contenders, Josh Allen is a legitimate MVP candidate, Sean McDermott might be the coach of the year, and everything is clicking in Buffalo. That is if you only watched the first half, then something weird happened. The Bills fell flat and the Rams just came back in the game. The Bills had a 28-3 lead, blew it, and then had an odd but lucky heroic drive from their leader Josh Allen. It wasn’t the ideal drive from an MVP candidate but was enough to win the game. Josh Allen is blowing everyone away statistically and physically this season and we have to keep an eye out for him and the BIlls as they can become the surprise best team in the AFC.

Houston Texans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

We assumed the Texans would play a close game after facing two Super Bowl contenders in the Chiefs and Ravens. The unfortunate fate for the 0-2 Texans was that they played a red hot Steelers team. Deshaun Watson was able to make the game close but the Steelers have one of the most complete teams in the NFL. The touchdown victory has to make any of us question how good Pittsburgh truly is, they beat three teams with a combined record 0-9 but nonetheless are undefeated. Both teams are catapulting themselves in opposite directions and one has to wonder how close Bill O'Brien is to being fired.

San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants

I don’t know if this game was the convincing one to say that Daniel Jones is a bust, I have been saying this for a while but others have to notice by now. To say the 49ers were bitten by the injury bug would be an understatement. The 49ers were missing their starting quarterback, two starting running backs, the best tight end in the league, and half their defense. Yet, this game was one-sided from the kickoff until the final whistle. Specifically, the Giants could not score as they only managed three field goals and Daniel Jones turned over the ball twice.

Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons

At some point you have to wonder if the Falcons have some form of pleasure from blowing leads. For the second week in a row, the Atlanta Falcons had a more than comfortable lead in the second half and then it felt like they almost fell asleep. This week’s special was having a 26-10 lead and watching the Bears take out Mitch Trubisky from the game for Nick Foles. Foles lit up a weak Falcons defense. It honestly feels weird to see the Bears at 3-0, one can argue that they are the worst 3-0 team in the NFL (and would likely be right). Fun fact, the Bears have beaten all three opponents by a combined 12 points (4 for each win).

Las Vegas Raiders vs. New England Patriots

This game also would reveal the truth about a contender and a pretender in some form. The run games and defenses set the tone for this game. This game was kept close but eventually we saw that New England had one of the better defenses in the league while the Raiders defense is good at best. The Patriots are now 2-1 which reminds us of where they will stand at the end of the year, they are a playoff team but they currently have to catch up with the Bills. Cam Newton did not run over the Raiders but we saw why the Patriots run attack is going to be so deadly as Sony Michel had the breakout day instead (the Patriots can have a different player beat you in any game).

Tennessee Titans vs. Minnesota Vikings

We expected the Vikings to play their best game yet. They did in comparison to the two demolitions but it just wasn’t enough. The Titans are unconventional but are able to win games at the end of the day. Ryan Tannehill does just enough to help the Titans win while Derrick Henry reminds us why he is regarded as the top running back in the NFL. The Vikings defense is bad, like really bad, like start anyone in fantasy against this defense bad. The clock is ticking on the 0-3 Vikings and we have to wonder when the urgency is going to start being felt.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This is intended to be a morale booster for both teams. Both teams needed a win in the most desperate way. Both teams traded blows in a manner that made us wonder whether either team was actually good or just less bad. At the end of the day we had a tie which honestly helps both teams. The Eagles actually close in on an awful NFC East division where the best team has 1 win. The Bengals finally get off the board with a tie which has to help Joe Burrow in his first year on a team that isn’t expected to do much.

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

I feel like I can just copy and paste what I said about the other New York team since it is just as applicable here. The Jets, like the Giants, were outplayed in all facets of the game by a team that few believe is a great team or even a good one. Sam Darnold had a 51.6 QBR and 3 interceptions (the first one being returned for a touchdown), further questioning if Darnold is a bust. Needless to say, Black Monday in New York is going to look ugly. As for the Colts, there must be some optimism as they only trail the Titans by a game, I guess the easy schedule helps out.

Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals

It’s hard to say what this game was. Meaning, it could be a trap game, where the Cardinals weren’t expecting the Lions to give the ma fight. It could be that Matt Patricia has Kyler Murray’s number, and the defense was able to force the Cardinals into three turnovers. The Lions looked poised to blow another lead as they were suddenly trailing 23-20 in the fourth quarter, yet Matthew Stafford finally gave the Lions two scoring drives and gave the team a chance to win (Matt Prater iced it at the buzzer). The Lions finally won a game in what has felt like an eternity, it has to feel relieving to mental overcome the pileup of losses. The Cardinals needed this reality check, after a humbling loss they can now bounceback in a tough NFC West.

Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Chargers

This game had to remind us of one fact, the Chargers are a bad football team. I know that many people forgot this after they snuck away with a win in the first game, and after forcing the Chiefs into an overtime, but the Chargers lost 11 games last season for good reason. This roster is not going to support whoever is playing quarterback. Justin Herbert is essentially being handed to defenses as the offensive line still can’t protect and the support isn’t as good as people perceive it to be. The Panthers have to feel hopeful not for the win (even though it will be taken), rather for having Matt Rhule as their head coach. I was optimistic about the Panther hiring Matt Rhule not to become of his play-calling or anything of the sort, instead because Rhule is a crisis manager. Matt Rhule is able to bring a team out of the depths of despair and this season might be a lost one for Carolina but they should be competitive in the near future.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Denver Broncos

The outcome of this game should come as little surprise. The Broncos have seen everything go wrong for them in a lost season while the Buccaneers are looking to play in the Super Bowl. 28-10 might say it all but one element that might take some fans by surprise is how the Bucs played defense. A few games in, one can tell that the Buccaneers have one of the more improved defenses in the NFL and Sunday looked to be no different. The Tampa defense had a few sacks, a safety, and a few turnovers to give the offense plenty of chances to score. A 2-1 Tampa team puts the Bucs back on course with first in the division and ready to compete with the top teams in the NFC. On the flipside, this truly has become a lost season for the Broncos, it’s a shame since all the pieces were set up for a surprise run.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

Let Russ Cook has finally reached takeoff. Russell Wilson has already proven that he is a viable MVP candidate and Sunday’s game against the Cowboys was a clinic for the Seahawks passing game. 5 passing touchdowns say a lot but Russell Wilson made the Cowboys secondary look almost amatuer with his ability to constantly find wideouts for big plays. The loss hurts the Cowboys but oddly, it doesn’t affect their standing in their division as the rest of the teams in the NFC East have forgotten how to win games. The Seahawks have looked nothing short of Super Bowl contenders, they have beaten some good teams to start the season and are proving to be one of the more complete teams in the NFC.

Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints

Both teams were missing their top wideouts (Michael Thomas for the Saints, Devante Adams for the Packers) and this is where we saw one quarterback that looks like time is running out and the other where there is a fire in their stomach. Aaron Rodgers was attacking shots throughout the game while Drew Brees was throwing checkdowns. The Saints made it a close game on the merit of having a complete team. The Packers still proved to be too much and they outplayed New Orleans from the kickoff. The Saints have to be concerned with the loss but it shouldn’t come as much worry as they lost to a red hot Packers team.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens

The most hyped game of the week was rather anticlimactic. It’s hard to notice much from a 34-20 victory that the Chiefs dominated throughout. Yet, we were reminded that Patrick Mahomes is currently the best quarterback in the game as he carved up a good Ravens defense. The Chiefs know that the conference and super Bowl is theirs to lose and they are playing that way as well. The Ravens have to leave many concerned, considering the fact that they can beat up on teams with an easy schedule but lose to teams that are Super Bowl contenders. A loss like this one makes us wonder if the Mahomes-Jackson rivalry is a rivalry yet since the games have felt rather one-sided.

Notes on the Odds and Lines from Sunday’s game

10 of the games went Over on the Over/Under while only five of the games went Under the expected total. The Favorites won and covered only 8 of the games while the Underdog won 6 of the games. The Titans won but couldn’t cover the 2.5 point spread while the 4 point favorite Eagles couldn’t cover the spread since they tied.

Other Notes from WEEK THREE

The 49ers have won more games in Metlife stadium (2-0) than the Jets and Giants combined (0-3). The Browns are above .500 for the first time since 2014. The Vikings have never made the playoffs after starting 0-3, the last time the Texans started 0-3 they won the division.