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Panthers Patriots brawl at Wednesday's joint practice

The Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots brawled at Wednesday's joint practice that resulted in multiple players being kicked off their teams.

This week the Panthers and Patriots hosted joint practices, and there's been plenty of hits on and off the field.

This is the second melee that occurred in joint practices since the start of the week.

Hello everyone, and this is the fun post of the week. Seeing as how there is a good bit more to cover with football ramping up this will be an early fun entry.

These fights add more hostility and bring a more scrappy attitude when these teams play against each other on Friday.

Surprisingly with these teams in the NFC and AFC, respectively, there is a long history between these two. The Patriots defeated the Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII 32-29 in 2004. These teams compete against each other about once in every four years. The most recent being last season where New England won 24-6.

I digress, the fights, while they may give a team more fire to win than before, never benefit anyone.

It is shocking that this happened twice already. While this is a violent game, a lot of adrenaline is pumping through these guys, they're professionals. There is a line between scrappy, hard, aggressive football, and fighting.

Now, I know some of you are thinking this is me being soft because football and fighting are probably in the same level of violence, and it should not be a big deal. But this just feels like a distraction for Carolina, and something that can cost Carolina come Friday.

This is because when things like this happen, it may lead to more aggressive play. So much so that it becomes sloppy, penalties ensue and it cost the team.

That is the point I am making in all this, this could fluster Carolina and the team psyches itself out of a win or makes it less competitive. With a young core of players, something like this may be worth monitoring, the emotional and mental part of football that sometimes goes overlooked.

Of course this team could be more driven, play better and win, everyone will see Friday night. A game I am looking forward to a lot.