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Patriots Pre-season 2022 | #ForeverNE

Before the regular season, there's the pre-season. Pre-season is used to see which players belong to the team and who don’t. The pre-season only lasts for three weeks, it used to be four, but the NFL changed it in favour of more regular-season games.

The Pre-season takes place in August, and then afterwards, the season starts. The pre-season doesn't mean anything, but it shows all of us ready for the season. For the Patriots, with the new signings in free agency and the recent newcomers drafted, we want to see who is prepared to fight for the patriots. And most importantly, how their fit in the patriot's system.

In the Patriot’s pre-season schedule, they will play two home games at Foxborough and one away to Las Vegas. In the first week, they play the New York Giants, and in week two are the Carolina panthers. And lastly, they will travel to Las Vegas to take on the raiders. Based on these schedules, my prediction for the Patriot’s pre-season is a 2-1-0 record. I believe there will beat both the panthers and giant at home but lose to the raiders. That’s my prediction for the Patriots pre-season.


New York Giants at New England Patriots

Prediction: NE win

Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots

Prediction: NE win

New England Patriots at Las Vegas Raiders

Prediction: Raiders win

The Patriot’s pre-season record will be 2-1-0 heading to the regular season based on these predictions.

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