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Philadelphia Eagles schedule analysis | #FlyEaglesFly

Every team knows who they'll be facing when the year starts, but the schedule release is always an interesting day to analyze when a team will have easier or tougher moments during the season. For the Philadelphia Eagles, the team had to be satisfied with what they got by the schedule makers.

To start a season playing against the likes of Lions, Vikings, Commanders and Jaguars is a team's dream - and although the Vikings won't be an easy opponent, playing at home should be a huge factor here. From Week 7 to Week 10, there are games against the Steelers and the Commanders at home and a visit to the Texans, plus a bye week - another great stretch.

The toughest stretch of the season goes from Week 14 to 16, and not exactly because of the opponent teams. The Eagles will have three straight away games against the Giants, the Bears and the Cowboys, and with two divisional games in between, this could be a pivotal moment for their season, especially if they don't take advantage of the easy road at the beginning of the year.

Finishing against the Saints and the Giants should also be viewed as a positive.

The Eagles were always set to have one of the league's easiest schedules, but the way the games were set should give an extra bit of hope to a successful season - as the team gets used to their new offensive weapons, easier games always help. Of course, none of this matters if Philadelphia sucks, but expectations are high for the franchise after a positive offseason.

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