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Raiders need Derek Carr

Updated: Mar 5

When it comes down to it, Las Vegas have been jacking around Derek Carr his whole career. From changing coaches, to drafting 4 WR in the first two rounds. Simply put, Derek Carr has impressed year and year out with little to no help from the Raiders front office.

Carr will be going into his 9th season has LV Raiders quarterback and for atleast the last 4 (since Gruden was HC) he has been linked to many trade rumors. But why? Derek does nothing but get better each and every year. In 2014, he had 3200 yards passing with 21 touchdowns. This last season, 4800 yards with 23 touchdowns. The last four season alone he has over 4000 yards each season.

The Raiders seem like that girl that is happy to be with someone but always looking for someone better. Truth is, there is no one better for the Raiders team right now than Derek Carr. He is true black and silver. Give me a coach that understands today's football and a WR that won't kill a girl while drinking; bam they are right there in the playoff hunt again.

Raiders, this is coming from a KC fan that would love nothing better but for you guys to trade Carr for someone else, but you better marry him now!