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Rams are throwing OBJ a bone

Odell Beckham Jr. is being offered a contract because he tore his ACL in the Super Bowl for the Los Angeles Rams.

Simple as that.

It’d be shocking to think Los Angeles wants to keep OBJ around at this point unless it is hoping is to catch lightning in a bottle again with a magical season from the wide receiver. One ACL tear can end careers, but two should almost guarantee it. If OBJ comes back and gets on a team, then good for him, but one hit to the leg and it could be over again.

With the Rams if he signs, he’d probably be the fourth option. It’d be smart for LA to do so because it has Van Jefferson, and it’d be worth it to develop him. Cooper Kupp, who is the best wideout in the game right now, and LA singed Allen Robinson II. Plus

There is no room for a wide receiver who would probably eat cap and pose a serious injury risk.

If LA gets him for dirt cheap, it may be worth a shot again, but nothing long term.

The biggest things for OBJ and his potential contract would need to be catch incentives, yard incentives, or game incentives. Things that can push the receiver to perform at a level that helps the team, but does not burn the team of salary cap.

Not to mention, the wide receiver is a major locker room cancer and headcase, and does LA want to deal with that? The team possesses great leaders in the locker room, why throw a wrench in it with OBJ? There are too many hypotheticals that would justify this signing and if that is the case then it is better the Rams move on from Odell.