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Remembering 9/11 on Sunday

The first Sunday of the NFL season falls on September 11th, one of the worst dates in American history.

On Sept. 11, 2001, planes crashed into the Twin Towers of New York City that morning, it sent the world reeling, and America in shock. This was the first time a terrorist attack was orchestrated on American soil.

This post is not to drum up any harbored feelings of animosity. This is not to play up the patriotic, proud to be an American, nor drum up anything like that. Nor is it a post that delves into what America is or an American.

This post is about what all posts will be about— sports. While remembering the fallen people of 9/11 and the somber feeling of innocent lives lost, lets look at how sports helped America heal.

During the days after 9/11, America stopped all sports for the day of and a few days after. When baseball resumed with World Series, President Bush threw out the first pitch. Before the pitch, signaled a thumb up as if to say the country would be okay.

This exemplified how sports give people a common bond that can withstand tragedies in the world and life. It went beyond fans of a team. In the end we are all people, and we all mourned as a country. A somber moment in sports that I believed elevated the importance of them in the world.

It was the sentiment that sports grounds people into believing in something and sharing a common interest that we may not share with people in any other way.

It is something I hold onto a lot, sports bond people in many ways. Sports represent a group of people coming together to achieve a common goal, and in those dark days after, America needed that. We as people needed the sentiment that at the end of the day, no matter what differences we may have, it is our bond as sports fans, as Americans, as people to be there for one another.

When people ask why I went to college to get a degree in journalism, I say to be a sportswriter. Why sports? Usually, this sentiment is part of my answer. I first think that sports give people an escape from the turmoil the world may be in at the time.

Despite our teams disappointing us most times, we still cling to them, we love our sports and our teams. Sports does not convey the world to be as dark as it may be outside of the stadiums and off the fields.

Then this moment of sports after 9/11 is what drove me to pursue a sports related career.

I’ll conclude this post by saying let’s not forget 9/11, but let’s not dwell in it all these years later. I think the best thing we can do this Sunday is to honor the victims of 9/11, cheer for our team, cheer for how we have sports to unite us as people and remember that no matter what differences we have as rivals that we all as people are there for each other in times of struggle.

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