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Should the Patriots go for Odell Beckham Jr? | #ForeverNE

Should the Patriots go for Odell Beckham Jr? I believe ODB can still go, and his performance at the Superbowl showed everyone he still got it. Odell is currently a free agent, and to my surprise, no other team haven’t reached out to him. That could be for various reasons, like injury history, contract or personality. However, Odell is still highly rated and can play a significant role in helping a team win the Superbowl.

The Patriots have a core of receivers but let’s be honest, they are not at Odell level, even though ODB has been the same receiver when he first entered the NFL. If the Patriots decided to sign him, it would boost the receiver core and be a massive upgrade for the Patriots and their quarterback Mac Jones. Last year no Patriots receiver reached over 1,000 yards which say a lot. Now, if Odell joins, can he go over 1,000 yards? Maybe but for me, he will be the number one receiver for the pats.

If Odell agrees to a minimum contract, we are now in June, and the OTAs are underway, so if Odell wants to play, he has no choice but to agree to a minimum contract for this season. Belichick will not give Odell a big contract, but he has a history of liking the former LSU wider receiver. Before Odell was traded to the Cleveland Browns from the New York Giants, Bill and the Patriots were looking to trade for Odell. But it didn’t prevail because the giants didn’t want to trade their star receiver at that time to the best team in the league at that time. It would have been a lose-lose situation for the giants and a win-win situation for the pats and Odell.

But in 2022, and everything has changed since then, this is a perfect time for both Belichick and Odell to finally work together and give us the fans the kind of working relationship we would like to see. Odell could have joined the pats years ago and possibly won a Superbowl earlier, but we will never know. I am a big fan of both the Patriots and Odell, and this is one player I like to see play at Foxborough.

Now I don’t believe Odell will have the same impact Randy Moss had back in 2007 when he and Tom Brady broke all kinds of records for that season. However, Odell is an elite athlete, one of the best catchers of all time, speed, and he still has it factor. Time is running out, and to be honest, it doesn’t look like the Patriots are leaning toward signing Odell. However, things can change with roster cuts, injuries, and the need for new personnel; if Odell is still available, the pats should sign him. It will be a minimum contract, a year contract and most importantly, a low-risk signing. So, if things don’t work out as planned, then the Patriots have no problems cutting Odell off the team.