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Should Tony Pollard get even more snaps running the ball? | #DallasCowboys

Tony Pollard is a name that deserves much more recognition than he gets throughout the league. A Dallas Cowboys running back would never take the job over from Ezekiel Elliott, but when Pollard gets the ball, he gets the job done. Entering his fourth season in the league - the final of his rookie deal -, it's a pivotal year for the player, and he definitely deserves the ball more this season.

Pollard averaged a fantastic 5.4 yards per carry during the 2021 season with more than 1000 scrimmage yards - both fantastic marks for a backup running back. He's also Dallas' kickoff returner and he does a very good job with the ball in his hands, with 28.8 average return yards. He's easily the Cowboys' best player from their 2019 draft class - and he was a fourth-round pick, mind you.

Zeke Elliott's quality can never be understated, but it's also true that Pollard has a better value considering what he gives to the team and what his salary is. With Elliott on board, though, it's nearly impossible for him to get a second contract with the Cowboys, especially because he will command starter money, and Dallas already uses a huge chunk of their salary cap with Zeke.

Pollard flashed a lot of potential as a rookie and got even better in the subsequent years. He's a guy that the Cowboys can trust if something goes off with Elliott. He deserves to be more recognized and the team would benefit if his share of snaps improve throughout the 2022 season.

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