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Texans' Tough Sunday: Injuries Plague Stroud and Collins in Loss to Jets

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The Houston Texans faced a challenging setback during their recent game against the New York Jets, leaving both quarterback C.J. Stroud and leading receiver Nico Collins sidelined due to injuries.

The turning point came in the fourth quarter when Stroud, in the midst of a play, experienced a severe head injury. While attempting a pass to John Metchie III, he found himself tackled hard by Jets' defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, causing the back of Stroud's helmet to collide forcefully with the turf. The impact was immediate and concerning, leading to Stroud lying on the ground in evident discomfort. The Texans' medical team swiftly intervened, providing initial care on the field before guiding Stroud to the sideline for a closer assessment. Eventually, he was taken to the locker room for further evaluation as part of the concussion protocol.

Prior to his injury, Stroud faced a challenging game, completing 10 out of 23 passes for 91 yards and enduring four sacks during the 30-6 loss to the Jets.

Adding to the Texans' woes, the team lost Nico Collins early in the game due to a calf injury. Collins, who had been a standout player throughout the season, notably surpassed the 1,000-yard mark for the first time in his career with a catch that amounted to 13 yards. However, shortly after this achievement, Collins had to exit the game and headed to the locker room for assessment and treatment.

The double blow of losing both Stroud and Collins to injuries within the same game is undoubtedly a significant setback for the Texans. The team will now await further updates on the extent of their injuries and potential recovery timelines, hoping for a swift return to action for these key players.

The Texans will need to regroup and refocus in the wake of these challenges as they look ahead to their upcoming games, emphasizing the depth of their roster and the resilience needed to navigate such obstacles in the competitive landscape of professional football.

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