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The Carolina Panthers Mt. Rushmore | #KeepPounding

There are four faces that dawn Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota of some of the most important U.S. presidents. If the Carolina Panthers built a similar monument, there are plenty of faces that can be etched into it.

Welcome to the fun post of the week, where we try to do something a little less serious and news related. Let’s discuss the faces that’d be on Mt. Carolina if you will.

Plenty of names come to mind from a player perspective, Sam Mills, Jake Delhomme, Jordan Gross, Wesley Walls, and Steve Smith Sr. for starters. All these former Panthers are in the Hall of Honor for Carolina.

Then there’s recent greats that deserve mentioning, Jonathan Stewart maybe, Greg Olson, Cam Newton, and Luke Kuechly.

If there are only four faces here is who deserve it most, feel free to disagree with me, but this is subjective.

Steve Smith Sr.

When he played for Carolina, he was just Steve Smith, but he was just an absolute beast on the field. From his rookie season where he returned a kickoff for a touchdown in his first play as a professional to 2104, Smith Sr. was an offensive weapon for Carolina.

The All-time leader in Carolina receiving yards with 12, 197, career receptions with 836 and receiving touchdowns with 67.

It was the moments he gave Carolina too; the 2003 69-yard touchdown catch in double overtime to send the Panthers to the Super Bowl.

Also, the infamous, “Ice up, son. Ice up,” in response to Aqib Talib when Smith Sr. dominated him in a game back in 2013 against the New England Patriots. Talib left with hip issues, hence the famous quote.

A leader in stats for Carolina and a leader on the field for many years with the black and blue, Steve Smith Sr. deserves to be on Mt. Carolina.

Julius Peppers

Fourth all-time in sacks, most by a Carolina Panther and a member of the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, more than worthy of Mt. Carolina.

What helps Peppers case may be where he went to college as a former Tar Heel will never hurt his stock.

Surely a Hall of Fame candidate when he headlines ballots in 2024, there is not much to say about Peppers except he was the life force on defense for the Panthers.

Luke Kuechly

One of the few Panthers that spent his whole career in Carolina. He immediately made an impact because in 2012 he was credited for 205 tackles. Consistently named as one of the best defensive players every year in his career, Kuechly was the anchor for incredibly stout Carolina defenses.

Plus, the Luke chants in the crowd only exemplified how much the city of Charlotte loved him. He is on Mt. Carolina for sure.

Cam Newton

Probably the easiest pick here. So much that’s been written about Newton on this site in previous posts, so it’ll be brief.

Numerous Panthers records, the captain of the best Panthers team in 2015 and what he meant to this city. There is no way any fan does not put Cam Newton in as the most important Panther, or at least one of the most important.

If a statue commemorates the best Panthers ever, the conversation starts with Cameron Jerrell Newton.