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The Cowboys’ big mistake during draft weekend | #CowboysNation

It’s ok to miss draft picks once in a while. It happens to every team and, while we do all the pre-draft study, there are always going to be mistakes here and there. But the Dallas Cowboys always find a way to make every situation even worse.

The Cowboys started this year's draft by taking offensive lineman Tyler Smith from Tulsa. It was a questionable value in the first round, but it's nothing new to see teams reaching for players because of needs, so it's not like this deserves any news.

But then comes Jerry Jones. Meeting with reporters after the first round, Jones wanted so much to prove to the media that he made the correct pick that he decided to show the team's draft board to everyone in the room. Obviously, all teams have different draft boards, and that's the fun part of the analysis; however, by showing the board to everyone, all teams could have made a better prediction about whether a player would be available for them or not based on the Cowboys' picks.

It was surreal. Team boards are absolutely confidential and only a few members of the organization have access to the board; for Jones to show their grades to everybody was bananas. And you know how the internet works nowadays: if the media could see the board, then everybody could, and everybody learned that EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux was rated as the draft's best player from the Cowboys' front office.

Thibodeaux ended up with a division rival, to make matters worse. It was a baffling moment from the Cowboys' organization.