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The Eagles have a major test against Justin Jefferson

Even if they won their first game of the season, clearly there's some work for the Eagles to do with their defense. They allowed 35 points for the Detroit Lions, which frankly isn't that good of a team even if the vibes around Detroit are getting better each week.

The problem now becomes bigger. The Eagles will play the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night, a team that not only has a much better quarterback in Kirk Cousins but one that also has one of the best receivers in the league, if not the best, in Justin Jefferson.

Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon is under fire after a poor performance from his unit. He spoke about Jefferson during the week, noting that it's going to be a massive challenge to stop him.

"He can beat you all different types of ways, so when you're looking at his game, he's not a one-dimensional guy," Jonathan Gannon said on Tuesday. "He can take the roof off, he can beat you underneath, he can beat you with yards after catch. They do a really good job of deploying him different ways, so it's hard to have a plan for him to always have two guys on him. It’s going to be a good challenge for us, and we'll be up for it."

The Eagles have a pair of good receivers in Darius Slay and James Bradberry, but they must come up with a great plan in order to stop a receiver of Jefferson's caliber. Otherwise, the Vikings will easily reach the same 35 points that the Lions did - but they're going to win the game this time.