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The first six weeks of the Patriots 2022 schedule | #ForeverNE

Yesterday I wrote about the Patriot’s schedule for this year. The regular season last for eighteen weeks, from September to January and then afterwards will be the playoffs. In this article, I will break down the season into three parts. First one for this article, the second half for the following article, and the third one for the last. It will be six weeks schedule for each piece.

And after the breakdown of each match, just below, I will predict if the Patriots will win or lose. And finally, I will add up the results, and we will find out if the Patriots will make it to the playoffs or not.

Week 1 AT Miami Dolphins

The first game of the regular season is against divisional rivals Miami Dolphins. The Patriots haven't won a game at Miami for a while now, with the dolphins boosting their squad massively on the offensive side of the ball. This will be a tough test for the Patriots, and with a new coach for the dolphins, this might be a breakout year for them.

Prediction: MIA win

Week 2 AT Pittsburgh Steelers

Not a divisional rival, but these two are rivals and enemies. These two teams always give us a back and forth contest every time they play. It will be an even matchup. But the Patriots have an advantage over the steelers, and that is the quarterback position.

Prediction: NE win

Week 3 VS Baltimore Ravens

The Patriot’s first match at Foxborough, as they host the Baltimore Ravens. I think this will be an all-defence battle, not a high scoring one, but it will be close enough. But it is at home, and fans will be the 12th man, the Ravens haven't won at Foxborough for a while, and there are still questions about the quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Prediction: NE win

Week 4 AT Green Bay Packers

In their first tough bae, the Patriots will face as they travel to Lambeau Field to face the Packers. Aaron Rogers is more likely to retire as a packer in the future, but he is chasing a second Superbowl ring in the meantime. The Packer’s defence is above average, but they have number 12, and I think he will torture this young patriots' defence all night.

Prediction: Green Bay win

Week 5 VS Detroit Lions

The Patriots are back in Foxborough as they welcome Detroit Lions. This is probably one of the easier wins for the Patriots; the lions are a young squad and will learn along the way. Unfortunately, they will learn the hard way in this match.

Prediction: NE win

Week 6 AT Cleveland Browns

This will be an exciting matchup for the Patriots. They will travel to Cleveland and face the browns and their new quarterback Deshaun Watson. We all know Watson is a top 5 quarterback in the league, and with a new team, we don't know how he will perform. We don't know if he’s going to play this season, and if he was suspended, I have no choice but to go for the Patriot’s win.

Prediction: NE win

So based on my first six weeks’ predictions, the patriot’s record is 4-2-0, which is good so far.