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The Giants’ biggest hole on the roster | #TogetherBlue

The New York Giants decided to cut ties with cornerback James Bradberry a week ago. We already wrote about it and, although it certainly wasn't an easy decision, it was understandable if you consider that the Giants have financial problems and had to let him go to sign their newly-drafted rookies.

It was an understandable decision, but with Bradberry gone, two things now become of major importance for the Giants. The first is the fact that the cornerback signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, a division rival, and he's going to form a fantastic cornerback duo with Darius Slay. Bradberry himself said that 'the scheme was perfect for him' and you can only imagine how bitter will New York feel after playing him twice in 2022.

But the biggest problem created with Bradberry gone is that there's a major cornerback need for the team now. Adoree Jackson has been a pleasant surprise, and Aaron Robinson has done a good job as a slot cornerback, but whoever is going to play as the second cornerback for the Giants is going to be a major liability, whether that's a rookie or a street free agent. Obviously, if the team just released Bradberry for financial reasons, they don't have that many resources to sign a free agent.

The NFC East is rapidly improving. Dak Prescott is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, A.J. Brown has joined the Eagles and, even though Carson Wentz is far from his pre-knee injury levels, he's still an upgrade over Taylor Heinicke. To defend all these teams considering what the Giants have at their secondary will be a challenge.