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The Kansas City Chiefs Achilles heel | #ChiefsKingdom

The Kansas City Chiefs who have made it to the AFC finals four times in a row might have a problem repeating the same feat in the forthcoming season. Surprisingly, it's not the offensive firepower that poses a threat to their dominance in the league, it's their defensive line which has recently been ranked 25th in 32 NFL teams by PFF. In the recent Pro Football Focus ranking of every defensive line unit in the NFL, they assigned defensive lines in the NFL to six different tiers, the first tier being the best unit and the sixth tier the worst. The Chiefs' defensive line was listed in the fifth tier.

The Kansas City Chiefs landed in the fifth tier which was titled "Relying on young players to make a leap" and more importantly, they got a spot in the fifth tier due to Chris Jones' impact on their defence. Chris Deshun Jones who plays Defensive Tackle for the Chiefs.

Chris Jones has been a force for the Chiefs since he was drafted in 2016. He ranks second at the position in PFF’s WAR metric over the last six seasons, trailing only Aaron Donald among players who have played the vast majority of their snaps on the interior. However, Jones hasn’t gotten much help from his teammates on the edge in recent years. Kansas City’s edge defenders collectively rank 28th in PFF grade since 2020. That puts a lot of pressure on rookie George Karlaftis to hit the ground running, particularly after letting Melvin Ingram III leave for Miami in free agency.

Without Chris Jones, the Chiefs' defensive line could have easily ranked worse and in a game where injury can strike at any time, the Chiefs need to look into providing help for Chris Jones. Although the Chiefs drafting George Karlaftis is a step forward, there's no doubt that the Chiefs need to improve their defensive line and it will be key to them making a championship run next season.