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The massive return of Sterling Shepard

As the new regime started to work on the rebuild of the New York Giants, one of the most important decisions they had to make was about the future of wide receiver Sterling Shepard. There's no doubt about Shepard's meaning for the offense as a whole, but he was due to a hefty pay in 2022 and, coming back from surgery, it's always difficult to trust players in that situation.

Luckily for the Giants, Shepard took a pay cut because, in his words, the new regime made him feel wanted in New York. Even though his salary dropped from $8,5 million to $1,5 million in 2022 (plus another $500,00 in incentives), the most important thing for him was to stay because he didn't want to learn a completely new offense. Shepard also said that there are a lot of ties in the organization.

Looking at the Giants' current roster, Shepard is the only one remaining from the last time the Giants were a playoff team. He's also the longest-tenured player in the franchise, with 2022 being his seventh year in New York. With his new contract, he's now going to be a free agent in 2023, not 2024.

Not that it really matters if you think about how much he loves to play for the Giants.

Shepard is Daniel Jones' favorite target. He had 16 catches over the first two games of the 2021 season before suffering his season-ending injury. His play as a slot receiver is really good, doing a great job finding spaces through the middle of the field and being a reliable target. In such an important year for Jones, he definitely needs a guy like Shepard to help him.