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The most awaited game of the Eagles’ schedule | #FlyEagleFly #HTTC

We’ve talked last week about the NFL schedule release and how teams were setting up for easier or tougher stretches. For the Philadelphia Eagles, there's one specific game in their schedule that it's almost an obligation to win, regardless of how the season goes.

During Week 10's Monday Night Football, Carson Wentz and the Washington Commanders will travel to Philadelphia, in what's going to be Wentz's first meeting with the Eagles since he was traded after an entire season of internal problems and poor quarterback play. While the new quarterback for the Commanders tried to downplay the game during his appearance on NFL Network's schedule release show, saying that 'it was just another game', he knows it's not. And for both sides.

Wentz was supposed to be the Eagles' savior. The franchise traded a ramson's king to pick him second overall in the 2016 NFL Draft, and while he had some early success, with major participation in Philadelphia's 2017 Super Bowl run, a knee injury derailed his mobility and affected his play. Ultimately, his level declined and his personality started to become a problem within the locker room, especially after the team drafted Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 draft.

Wentz can downplay this game all he wants, but he knows why this was picked as a primetime matchup. It's a division game and the reception for him will be anything but respectful. He left the team in a way that he was never supposed to, and burned all the possible bridges on the way. His return will be long-awaited for those who once rooted for him, and they'll want to win this game more than any other during the season.