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The next six weeks of the Patriots 2022 schedule | #ForeverNE

Now we are onto the second article, and I'll be discussing the matchups and predictions from week 7 to week 12 of the regular season. So far, the Patriot’s record is 4-2-0, and we see from the following predictions if the patriot’s record improves.

Week 7 VS Chicago Bears

The Patriots will host the Chicago Bears Monday night football at Foxborough. At this time of the year, it will be cold and freezing weather, but both teams are used to it. Both quarterbacks are entering their second year in the league and looking to contribute to helping the team win. In this matchup, the Patriots are better on both sides of the ball.

Prediction: NE win

Week 8 AT New York Jets

Another divisional matchup, as the Patriots travel to New York to take on the Jets. Out of all the teams in the AFC East, the jets are the easier team for the patriots to beat both home and away. They are a young squad, but they are not a very good team.

Prediction: NE win

Week 9 VS Indianapolis Colts

The Colts, with their new quarterback Matt Ryan, travel to Foxborough. Around this time will be freezing and possibly snow during the winter season in the far east. The colts got Matt Ryan as their new quarterback, a massive upgrade for them. This will be tough for the patriots with their brilliant offensive linesmen, strong running game, and a good defence.

Prediction: Colts win

Week 10 is Bye week; no game for the Patriots.

Week 11 VS New York Jets

This is the second time the Patriots take on the jets but at Foxborough three weeks later. This will be an easy win for the Patriots.

Prediction: NE win

Week 12 AT Minnesota Vikings

This will be a challenging battle for the Patriots as they go against the Vikings at the U.S. BANK STADIUM. The Vikings, around this time of the season, perform well and make their push to the playoffs. The Vikings are just getting better every year in the regular season, and at this moment, I think they will outmatch the patriots.

Prediction: Vikings win

That's the second article finish, and based on these predictions plus the 4-2-0 before, the patriot’s new record after 12 weeks is 7-4-0, which is still good for now.