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The underrated signing of Jon Feliciano | #TogetherBlue

A lot of times in the NFL, the underrated signings are going to be ones that make the biggest difference over the course of a season. This might happen with the New York Giants in 2022, after they got a very good guy to fix one of their biggest holes on the roster and it seems that nobody is paying attention to it.

Jon Feliciano will play as the Giants' center for the season, but he has enough versatility to play all three spots in the interior of the offensive line. Feliciano was cut from the Buffalo Bills after suffering a pectoral injury that ended his 2021 season prematurely, but while it's never a certainty when a player returns from surgery, his quality is undeniable - and if you've watched the Giants' offensive line over the last few years, you know how much they need all the talent they can get.

Feliciano brings a blend of experience and talent that's really going to help Daniel Jones, who suffered from awful play from the interior of the line and only in his fourth season will feel a little bit safe. He was really good at helping Josh Allen's development and he should do the same thing with Jones - and he has a huge familiarity with Brian Daboll, as he played for his new head coach during his three years in Buffalo.

Not to say Feliciano is going to be a superstar, but the improvement will be massive with him as center. That's something that the Giants really need.