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Third Final week for the Patriots schedule | #ForeverNE

Now we are onto the third and final article, and I'll be discussing the matchups and predictions from week 13 to week 18 of the regular season. So far, the Patriot’s record is 7-4-0, and we see from the following predictions if the patriot’s history improves or not.

Week 13 VS Buffalo Bills

The Superbowl favourites Buffalo Bills travel to Foxborough as they go against the Patriots. This is a Divisional matchup, and both these teams will fight for the first place in the AFC East, and that's a fact. However, the Bills are a stronger team than the Patriots, but they haven't won at Foxborough for a long time. I think this season they will break it.

Prediction: Bills win

Week 14 AT Arizona Cardinals

From east to west, from snow to sun, the patriots travel to the hot desert in Arizona as they take on the cardinals. This match will be a high scoring one, and I think the patriots will steal this one at the end.

Prediction: NE win

Week 15 AT Las Vegas Raiders

The Patriots are back on the west coast but at sin city against the Raiders this time. The Raiders went all in at free agency and wanted to make a name for themselves to chase for the Superbowl. The raiders are one of the league’s loudest fans, and this will be a hectic one for the patriots to handle.

Prediction: Raiders win

Week 16 VS Cincinnati Bengals

The Superbowl 56 runners up Cincinnati Bengals take on the Patriots at Foxborough. People will put their money on a Bengals win, but since the Patriots are chasing for the playoffs, Bill Belichick pulls up some tricks around this season. I believe the Patriots will pull an upset on this one.

Prediction: NE win

Week 17 VS Miami Dolphins

The last two weeks of the regular season are all divisional matchups and will probably define the AFC east. The first match is the Miami Dolphins at Foxborough. I will take the Patriots on this one.

Prediction: NE win

Week 18 AT Buffalo Bills

And lastly, the Patriot’s final game of the regular season is away to Buffalo. This will be a mismatch or demolition, and I am afraid the patriots will be second best in this matchup. The Bills are a better team heading to this season, and as cold as it is in New England is even harder at Buffalo. And the bills will be picking up momentum heading to the playoffs.

Prediction: Bills win

So based on my final article with a 7-4-0 record before, after 18 weeks, the new record for the Patriots is 10-7-0. It is a winning record and will be enough for the patriots to qualify for the playoffs. However, this is my prediction. Week 13 and 18 will be the defining point for the Patriots. Look at the schedule for the Patriots; they have the hardest last five weeks’ matches than anyone else in the league. And if my predictions are wrong, I think the Patriots will miss the playoffs but let's hope not and hope the Patriots achieve a 10-7-0 record or better.