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Three biggest things to look forward to in Panthers upcoming season

The Carolina Panthers hosted Fan Fest, Thursday, in honor of that and the upcoming preseason opener, this is the second fun posts for the week.

While in my writing I try to deliver news in an unbiased way that relate to the Panthers with a slight slant that never dips into opinionated, or at least, I hope.

This post, however, will share the things I am excited to see about this season and why. I have three that I want to focus on, and if you’ve followed my writing, then chances are you may know what they are.

The 6.5 bogus win total

Yes, bogus win total. I believe that the Panthers can win more than six or seven games. All signs point in the right direction, a better offensive line, a better quarterback, and a healthy Christian McCaffrey. The huge thing for me was the o-line, it was horrible and the veteran additions along with the Panthers first-rounder, Ikem Ekwonu, this line should be better. A better line makes for better QB play and better protection for a running back, I hope.

Baker Mayfield should at least propel the Panthers to one more win. When the win totals came out, Carolina was pegged at 6.5, when it acquired Mayfield, the line was still 6.5, so I believe he is good enough to get us over that hump.

Finally, Christian McCaffrey, CMC as he’s affectionately known. I’ve been critical of him in the last few seasons, but I want this guy on the field, healthy, and producing at the levels he previously did. I am a big fan of his, but his health is questionable. If he’s off the IL, then he’s a top talent and should help the Panthers eclipse 6.5.

Baker Mayfield and the impending free agency

Getting Mayfield makes for an exciting season because of the matchup against the Cleveland Browns, which is the game I take a lot of interest in for that sole reason, the narrative. I love a good narrative in sports, call me old-fashioned, superstitious, or cliché, but good narratives in sports are always worth a watch.

Beyond his performance this season, I am heavily interested in what the Panthers decide regarding his future, and Sam Darnold for that matter. Both are free agents at the end of the 2022 season, so I assume both are playing for a nice contract, but who gets them is something I am keeping my eyes and ears on.

The All-black

Yes, I’ve spoke about this a few times, but come on, you cannot blame me. These uniforms are amazing.

Also, as I mentioned, big narrative guy, and this uniform in a bizarre way offers a cool narrative. All-black, night game, at home against a division rival, it feels like something special.

Even if it doesn’t and that’s likely the case, the new uniforms represent one of the few changes the Panthers ever made in its’ attire since the initial inception in 1995. The team overhauled the logo and look in 2012, but the uniform color schemes relatively stayed the same, this new look opens the door for other changes in the future.

If anything, the new look will be a welcomed thing in the fan base and a change of pace.