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Three former Panthers on random teams | #KeepPounding

Earlier in the week, we did three random players that played for Carolina. Now, let’s do the inverse and talk about three Panthers players that found themselves on random teams.

For this fun post it is all about players we mostly associate with Carolina and how they played for another team. These were fits that just did not make sense, stuck out like a sore thumb, and atrocious to look at. So, let’s find out who they were.

Thomas Davis Sr.

Three-time Pro Bowl selection, 2014 Walter Payton Man of the Year, Carolina Panther from 2005-2018.

This man suffered two ACL tears in 2010 and in Week two of 2011. Still, he came back stronger in 2012, and helped anchor a solid defense for years to come. When the black and blue drafted Luke Kuechly, the two formed a dynamic duo of linebackers that terrorized the leagues.

It fit the Carolina Panthers, Davis Sr. fit the Carolina Panthers, and with his time here it was natural that Davis Sr. would retire in Carolina. Technically, he did because he signed a one-day contract in March 2020, but the year with the Los Angeles Chargers and Washington Football Team (Redskins at the time), should not exist.

This is weird to look at, and it ranks as one of the weirdest things seeing a long-tenured Panther in a uniform that is not the black and blue.

Greg Olsen

The best trade Carolina made in its’ history, a third-round pick in 2011 for Greg Olsen.

Man, this player was special for Carolina, he became one of the faces of the franchise. He means a lot to the city of Charlotte, and he always will.

Accolades aside, he started a beanie campaign for Levine Children’s Hospital for the Charlotte area where the proceeds go to cancer research. Also, the hats are amazing, support a great cause, and I actively bought them every year.

His son Trent Jerry, or T.J., had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and it was like the city supported Olsen throughout, we rooted for T.J. to get better, we rooted for the Olsen family.

Olsen was a panther.

His on-field accomplishments included three Pro-Bowl selections. He was a cornerstone in the offense that pushed Carolina to the Super Bowl in 2015.

Then in an ugly rebuild, overhaul or whatever David Tepper did, Olsen signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

At the time, it was like Seattle was a rival because of the playoffs in earlier years, and it never felt right for Olsen to be there. He signed a one-day contract to retire as a panther, but the year in Seattle was horrible.

Cam Newton

Probably one of the more obvious choices.

Even in previous posts where I said that Cam Newton should not be resigned and Carolina did not need him, but it is hard to imagine him in another uniform.

He should just retire, so we do not have to see him with another team.

That won’t happen, but on a serious note seeing Newton in the Patriots uniform never felt right. He came back in the middle of that season, but for Newton to not be a Panther was crazy.

Obviously, he was the driving force behind the 2015 Super-Bowl team, despite a loss, should have dove for that ball, but he got them there.

He meant so much to the city, on the field he became the best quarterback in Carolina history, off the field he contributed so much to the community.

He is the panther that when not in Carolina looks the weirdest by far.