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Three most random Carolina Panthers players | #KeepPounding

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed your holiday, and to celebrate the shortened week, let’s start with a fun post. Maybe it makes the work week go by smoother.

As per usual with fun posts, less newsy, more list, and more personal with the inclusion of first-person writing.

Something I wanted to look at, the most random players to wear a Panthers uniform. Now the only real criteria are that this player be a somewhat memorable name. So, there’s no rookies that played one season then left the league. All these players will be a noteworthy name, or at least in my opinion.

Doing three because that’s a magic number and a sweet spot, without further deliberation let’s get into it.

Jeremy Shockey

In the twilight of his career the Panthers nabbed Shockey for its’ tight end of the 2011 season. It was evident he was not the productive player for New York as his catches dwindled. Once he headed to New Orleans in 2008, he never eclipsed 50 catches.

But Carolina saw an opportunity to use Shockey alongside Greg Olson in hopes of a dynamic duo of big tight ends, and it worked. In that 2011 season, Cam Newton passed for 4,051 yards.

With one last season in him, Shockey started 13 of the 15 games for Carolina. His final stats were 37 catches for 455 yards and two touchdowns. He averaged 12.30 yards per catch, which was second best of his career.

He then rode off into the sunset calling it career.

Jared Allen

The four-time Pro Bowl player was a Carolina Panther for 12 games in the 2015 season.

With the 2011 season where he recorded 22 sacks long in the rear view mirror, the Panthers traded a conditional sixth-round pick to Chicago for Allen.

He started all 12 games for the black and blue recording 15 solo tackles, 12 assisted tackles and two sacks in his tenure.

While it was obvious, he was not the same defensive force of earlier, he did play an integral part in the best Carolina Panthers team to date.

His retirement video on Twitter of him literally riding his horse into the sunset was incredible and tugged at some heart strings.

Vinny Testaverde

Vinny T came in when Jake Delhomme suffered an elbow injury that ended season and David Carr couldn’t play because of a sore back.

At 44 years old, the Brooklyn native played out his final year in the black and blue for seven games where he went 2-4 as a starter. He started against Brett Favre and the Packers in Week 11. With Testaverde at 44 and Favre at 38, the game became known as The Senior Bowl because of the QBs age.

Also, a touchdown pass to Dante Rosario against the San Francisco 49ers in December made the QB/WR duo with the largest age gap between them at 20 years and 346 days.

Testaverde’s final play was a kneel in a game at Tampa Bay where Carolina won 31-23. It was a fitting end as he started his career in Tampa Bay, back when they wore those awful orange uniforms.