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Three songs that replace ‘Carolina in my Mind’

This fun post is a continuation of a previous fun post about ‘Carolina in my Mind’ by James Taylor.

Complaining about something without offering a replacement or plan is not the best way to do things. Yes, it was a rant, but here is the more logical approach where instead of just complaining I am going to offer songs that can replace the James Taylor tune.

Here are three that I think will be sufficient replacements or should be additions that will not make the song as dreadful.

‘Around the world,’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song is melodic and easy paced until it builds to a crescendo in the chorus of front man Anthony Kiedis and backing vocals from John Frusciante.

The song refers to different places in world and moments in life that encompass the chorus that, “Life is beautiful around the world.”

I also think this song deserves a spot because it is a different feel and emotion caught in a song that strangely captures the feelings of a win and a loss at the same time. In a win, life is beautiful, and let’s be honest, when your team wins things are amazing. But the beauty can also be found in a loss because there is always next time, and life is still beautiful.

It incorporates a different feeling, and fans may find it weird, but this is my one off-the-wall pick that can be added to Bank of America stadium.

‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses

This was shocking that the Panthers do not play this in the stadium.

While there may be undertones of crime, exploitation, and the other tones that 80s rock may have, it can be applied to the Panthers.

A jungle, hostile environment, and in the end, it’s going to bring the opponent down.

Plus, the hype and crowd-pumping energy this song can bring would certainly be a plus. This is a song that pumps adrenaline, and the solo is amazing. A Slash solo always brings the intensity, and this classic tune would fit the Panthers incredibly well.

‘Beer never broke my heart,’ by Luke Combs

Perhaps the best song of the three in terms of how appropriate this would be for being played at Bank of America Stadium.

In his song it takes just one hand to count the things Combs can count on. Unlike the football teams and women in his life that let him down, a beer never let him down.

A sentiment that we can all sort of joke about but agree with. While we love sports, and wins make the day better, a loss and disappointing season can hurt just as much as heartbreak can. I joke that life would be much simpler if I was not a sports fan because I would not be affected by games that I cannot control but come on no one who loves sports would have it any other way.

Also, Luke Combs is from Charlotte, North Carolina. He grew up in Asheville, N.C., and attended Appalachian State University. This man is a home-grown product of the Carolinas, and his music is something we can love and enjoy.

Put this song in the rotation, Carolina.