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Top 5 Overrated NFL QBs for 2022

Every year we do top 10 list of who is the best. This year will be no different, but to start it off I'll give you my top 5 overrated quarterbacks going into 2022.

This list is not the worst qb's in the league, it is a list of quarterbacks that are expected to be great and I don't think they will live up to the hype.

#5 Joe Burrow

Coming in at number 5 I have Joe Burrow. Joe Freaking Burrow's team had a great run in 2021, coming up just a play short of winning the superbowl. So its clear its superbowl win or bust for the Bengals in 2022. Joe had a pretty damn good 2021 season, hell might of even been great. He threw for 4600 yards with just 14 ints. Quarterback rating of just over 108 and completed over 70% of his passes.

In 2022 it is gonna be hell hard to repeat the season. Only way he can do better is throw for 5000 yards and get 40 touchdowns, and I don't see that happening. Not because Burrow is a bad quaterback, its because of the schedule they play. They easily play some of the best defenses in 2022. Steelers x2, Browns x2, Ravens x2, Patriots, Dallas, Chiefs, and Titans. This is not an easy season. So that is why I think Burrow will be an overrated quarterback in 2022.

#4 Kyler Murray

Coming in at number 4 is on other than Kyler Murray. Kyler has a decent 2021 season. He threw for 3700 yards with 24 touchdowns. While just throwing 10 ints. His QBR was a little over 100 and he completed just under 70% of his passes. However Kyler missed 3 games in 2021 and folded when his team needed him the most.

In the first 9 games of the season, Murray looked like a MVP quarterback and the Cardinals looked like a lock for the superbowl. But in typical fashion for the Cardinals and Kyler Murray the wheels fell off the 2nd part of the season. You can chalk it up to injuries all you want, but truth be told it happens every year.

Kyler is entering his 5th year in the NFL and has yet to sign his "big" deal or "long term" deal with the Cardinals. This tells me three things. 1) Kyler is not the man in AZ. 2) He is asking too much for his level of play. 3) He is an overrated quarterback.

I think Kyler will have a down season all 2022 season and not just the 2nd half the season. He is playing for his NFL future and he folds under pressure. Cardinal fans better hope a Jimmy G trade is coming. If you don't know what I am talking about click here.

Anything less than a division championship and atleast one playoff win is a bust of season for the Cardinals, and I see them only getting 6 wins this season.

#3 Russell Wilson

Coming in at number 3 is the newest quarterback in the AFC West, Russell Wilson.

In the 2022 season, Russ has one of the worst season in recent memory stat wise. He threw for 3100 yards with 25 touchdowns. He protected the ball well by just throwing for 6 ints. QBR Rating at 103, while completing just 64% of his passes.

As we look at those stats they are not bad, low for Russ, but not bad. The reason why I have him on the overrated list is because of the trade to Denver and the instant superbowl talks around the league after the trade.

Russell Wilson will not win the superbowl with the Broncos in 2022. They will be lucky to get a 7th seed in the playoffs. Denver is a good team and is a quarterback away, but they got the wrong quarterback.

Wilson can have a 5000 yard season with 40 touchdowns, but if they fall short of a superbowl victory its still a bust of season.

#2 Aaron Rodgers

Coming in at number 2 is the back to back MVP winner Aaron Rodgers.

Now right off the bat I know what you are saying, how can the back to back MVP be an overrated quarterback. Remember what I said way up at the top of the blog. Its going into 2022 with expectations. And what are the expectations in Green Bay? Superbowl and another MVP. Well guess what that is not going to happen.

Rodgers MPV 2021 season was filled with amazing stats, 4100 yards passing, 37 touchdowns, and just 4 int. Wow right. O it gets better, 111 QBR rating while completing 70% of is passes. However, a first round exit hurt the Packers

In the off season Packers lost the best WR in the league, some good core WR as well, while adding an injury case in Sammy Walkins. Not a great look.

Rodgers will not have another MVP season or even get close to the stats from 2021. However, Packers and Aaron will win alot of games, 11 to 12 I have them going, but anything less than a MVP and superbowl is a waste of season for Aaron Rodgers/

#1 Lamar Jackson

Coming in at number 1 is the former league MVP, Lamar Jackson

I will go super deep into Lamar Jackson later this week, so keep an eye out for that. But I wanted to give you number 1. Let it simmer.