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Tyreek Hill Traded to Miami

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

When news of this first broke, it blew up all over ESPN, NFL, Draftkings, everywhere, and reasonably so because this was a huge deal. Hill, a six-time Pro Bowler and an integral part of the Chiefs offense traded to the Dolphins.

Then rumors listed the New York Jets as the other candidate in the Tyreek Hill sweepstakes and it was a storm of information regarding the whole situation.

Kansas City won the trade because it received something for Tyreek Hill who the team could not reach an extension with.

The picks KC got are not massive, five picks in total: late 2022 first round, 2022 second round, 2022 fourth round, 2023 fourth round, and 2023 sixth round.

The key point is the Chiefs and Hill could not come to an agreement, so it was better for the sides to split, and KC does not walk away empty handed. Also, with signings of Juju Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling, KC already bolstered the receiving core to supplement the loss of Hill.

For Miami, this gives the team a devasting combo of Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill that can torch defenses with their speed. Additions like Cedrick Wilson improve the Dolphins too.

Terron Armstead gives Miami a left tackle that improves the offensive line for Tua Tagovailoa.

With arm accuracy that is not the greatest, does Tagovailoa get the ball out to the deep threat Hill or is this an oversight Miami did not account for? This will be the focus in Miami as the big-name acquisition has drawn the eye of many fans to see what the results will be.

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